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We are an experienced group of professionals who have helped serve the financial needs of our clients since 1992. We provide education, guidance and ongoing support to the individuals, families and businesses in our communities. We believe in better serving our clients through our commitment to continuous growth and professional development. We build lasting relationships with our clients to create a course of action that helps meet their needs today and into the future.

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Tom Mingone started his financial services career at Mutual of New York (MONY), in 1988. Based in Rockland County, NY, his practice at the time focused almost entirely on retirement planning.

Tom realized that in partnership with other leaders in the field, he could build a firm with greater depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, and deliver a much richer client interaction.

随着公司的成长, Tom met and started partnering with Rich Browne, 比尔加尔文, and eventually 唐娜•纳德勒 – who had a thriving financial planning practice of her own. The firm officially took on the name “Capital Management Group of New York” in 1992.

Today we do much more than retirement planning. We implement a balanced approach to wealth management by integrating tax-advantaged investing, asset allocation, protection planning, charitable gifting, legacy and estate planning strategies, and more into clients’ financial plans.

We have offices in New York City and 珠江,纽约.


We entered the financial services profession out of a desire to help others.
We truly enjoy serving others and seeing our clients reach important milestones along their financial journey.

Our clients place their trust in our ability to help them meet their financial needs.
We value the trust our clients place in us and we work hard every day to help create a memorable client experience.


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Client Service Team

  • Pearl River location
  • Joseph Edmondson, 唐娜·盖洛 and 唐娜•纳德勒 in the NYC Office
  • 纽约办公室
  • Pearl River waiting area
  • 玛丽王 in Pearl River
  • 帕特里克·莫拉莱斯 & 希瑟·罗斯 in Pearl River
  • Matthew Hutchinson and 理查德•布朗 in NYC